WSB NLU 2012
Brand identity
Projekty graficzne

Ekskluzywny album absolwentów WSB NLU z Nowego Sącza.

Praca nagrodzona ZŁOTYM KTR 2013!

The project has evolved during the process of formation. Several times changed its form but eventually obtained its final shape.



We wanted to develop a concept stylistically coherent, unconventional, combining both function of copyright works and of the prestigious publishing house. We have invited to production writer and poet Zofia Staniszewska and two talented young photographers Marcin Morawiecki and Anna Bajorek.



We assumed that the album is a serie of individual photographs, texts and illustrations included in the book form. In addition to the texts and photographs album contains stylized typography referring to the "history" of presented person. Each new system in some way expresses graphically the description of the person.



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